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Binet Beauty Ltd

Binet Beauty Ltd is specialist in producing soap and creams for acne, eczema and any other skin related issues. Our products are hand made and natural skin care product and our customers are repeat. Binet Beauty is committed to producing soaps and creams and other beauty products that will be value for money, and environment friendly.
Brief History
The Establishment of BINET BEAUTY CREAM comes to exiting when, the CEO herself MADAM BINTA JAH was suffering and had some difficulties with her face and body…

She was affected by some facial diseases effection like Pimples, hpigmentation, arkne and etc.

In Leads to this make the Young Entrepreneur MADAM BINTA BAH thought wisely that she couldn’t seat down and see others get involve and affected the same way but to do intensive research to combat it…
So she start her research and got the solution and decided to establish her own brand.
For over ages now her brand “BINET BEAUTY CREAM” has been the solution to all perfect Body looks because it also helps to clear off Discoloration, Reduce Green vein and calm your skin and get it back to normal
BINET BEAUTY also have its own Clothing Brand which is BINET COLLECTION
This an African traditional Fabric from West Africa, BINET COLLECTION Carter’s for the Old and also the Young with Authentic Texture
Try us today and we will cure it all and see your face and body more soft and silky with Bright and tone skin

These guys have been absolutely outstanding. Perfect skin solution and the best of all that you have many options to choose!

I see immediate results after 3 days of use. I suffered from excess sebum and recurrent pimples around my mouth and on my chin. The sebum has already been reduced a lot and the spots / scars are also fading. Very happy with it!

I have been using this product for 2 years. Always been satisfied with this product. I notice a difference when I don’t use it. It calms my skin.



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